What Would Miranda Say?

One of the offputting things about having a business and having brand consistency is that life throws all kinds of curveballs and then you feel like you are arriving in Stucksville.

Stucksville is a fictional city discovered by my Dad.  I learned over time that the only way out is by drawing the lines on a roadmap, reading the signposts, finding the mile markers, making a way.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  It just has to work. What’s your way?

…You might be a weight loss coach struggling with post-baby weight, or

…You might be a parent coach with kids that are completely out of control, or 

…You might be a relationship coach in a difficult marriage, or

…You might trademark something like, say, Princess of Positivity®️, and be in the middle of a pandemic, and so worried about your family and friends that the stress is wrapped around your neck and negativity is creeping up out of your slipper socks!  OK, maybe that’s just me…

When life is on my nerves, I find comfort in words.  I can write a paragraph or two, read a favorite passage from the Bible, recite a poem or the guiltiest of “word pleasures”, Netflix & Chill.  Think about it, is there anything like repeating all the best dialogue, along with Miranda in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’?  (I think not)

Every one of us is at bat. We are dodging curveballs, being thrown as fastballs, and running around the diamond, trying not to slide, even though spring training is canceled.  Take a breather when you need to.  Find words to get you through.  And by all means, have a movie date right in your living room.  Then, get back up, and get to work.  Feel good.

Chatone Morrison, ©2020

Chatone Morrison is the Princess of Positivity® . Content Strategist & Confidence Coach. Gifted Writer Creating Print & Video Content that Raises Confidence, Positivity, & Energy in Corporate Women and Business Owners. Self-Talk Shifter. Motivation Elevator.  Catalyst.

Specializing in content creation, confidence coaching, consulting and strategy for women-owned small businesses, Chatone is the owner of Chatone Morrison Consulting.  As a highly creative, high energy, heart-led, coach, consultant, mentor, leader, speaker and author, Chatone is absolutely passionate about helping her clients to script their unique brand story, know their niche and find their voice, and systematize their message.  Chatone believes that you can release negativity so positivity can reign in your brain and in your business.  To work with Chatone, go to bit.ly/contentkickstartcall or visit chatonemorrison.com

Personal Perspective: How To Enjoy A Beach Photoshoot As A Thick Girl


D97AD74B-8D26-4A5E-AB64-BA23121A8098If you were a caped crusader what color would you wear?  Without a second thought my cape would be hot pink. But if that cape was in the cleaners, and I had to run and save a damsel in distress, I would choose the yellow one.  My secret power would be Positivity and I’d write my way through sticky situations.  Not unlike The Riddler, just without the jokes.

Seriously though, earlier this week when I  walked across the sand to have my photos taken in this bathing suit, I felt more confident and comfortable in my skin than I’ve ever felt. I was able to leap over second glances of lowered dark sunglasses and confused looks in a single bound.  I laughed out loud and let the wind carry my hearty giggles into the sea.  I flew like a real life superhero. 

Like so many of my less than confident sisters, I struggled with the beach for a long time. I loved the sound of the surf and waves. The afterglow of the sun’s kiss was beyond compare.  But I lived in the typical world of body hatred and I didn’t want to go.

Like so many of my less than confident sisters, I went anyway and suffered on the inside. I pretended it was fine, even though it was anything but fine. I was all smiles and laughter and simultaneously silently wanting it to be over. 

Like so many of my less than confident sisters I was losing time.  Have you lost time like this too?7AC9DC24-2654-494B-A96A-8D601DBC89E8

This is not an after picture. It’s not a story about losing weight and finding myself. It’s not even about learning to ignore the flaws and step out as a (BBW) big, beautiful, woman. Nope. It’s simply my story of letting go. 


If and when you finally let go of all the negativity and self doubt and overly critical thoughts and the wondering if you are good enough, you get to fly like Supergirl. You realize that the sun will still rise and set despite your cleavageless chest or your thick thighs with no gap.  The tide will come in and go out even if you don’t allow yourself the freedom to tease the shoreline with your bare feet. You understand that even if every single person on the beach takes a second look at the lines on your belly and indignantly wags their head at the size of your arms, they will probably forget by tomorrow. And if they don’t, that’s their problem.  They should try getting a life.



7A0CA32E-1EDC-4ED1-AFC2-17482C3BA806Being You Is The New Black. It always matches. It always fits.  It’s a classic that never goes out of style. 

Time is not for wasting.  And neither are you.  Allow the bigness of your spirit to leave the deepest impact. 

Allow yourself to…

🗝 Be Authentic.

🗝 Be Brilliant.

🗝 Be The Catalyst.

(Photos of shoot Chatone by Daria Wright, Emmy award winning celebrity stylist and photographer.)  Contact:  Glamologistpro

Chatone Morrison. Certified Life & Health Coach. Gifted Writer Creating Print & Video Content that Raises Confidence, Positivity, & Energy in Corporate Women and Business Owners. Self-Talk Shifter. Motivation Elevator.  Catalyst.

Facetune_25-10-2018-21-14-10Specializing in content creation for women-owned small businesses, Chatone Morrison is the Princess of Positivity® a highly creative, high energy, heart-led, coach, consultant, mentor, leader and excellence enthusiast. Chatone is absolutely passionate about helping her clients to script their unique brand story, systematize their message so they can confidently sell their services on and off line. 

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Take 5! How To Make A Good Day Great Without Even Trying



I’m happier when I take a few moments to focus on what’s good.

For the last few years I have been taking a moment to focus on something really small and really good every day. Yesterday this photo was taken during one of these moments. 

It’s more than just gratitude. Acknowledging the good stuff, however minor, and being thankful is an energy changer.  A mindset shifter.

In 2012 hubby and I decided it made sense for me to leave Corporate HR and Training communications behind. It was the right decision but the shift in routine and a series of illnesses threw me for a loop. Anything like that ever happen to you?  I was accustomed to feeling great and serving others and feeling relatively happy, then suddenly it was all gone. Even though I was busy concentrating on getting well, it was almost unbearable.  I had to think of something. Scaling back from trying to find my perfect life and instead working to embrace the present was a much better choice.

A little later I started keeping a list of 5 things each day that I loved or experienced or appreciated or enjoyed. The rule I set was I couldn’t make the list in advance (I cheated a few times) and I would take 1 minute to just reflect on each of the 5 things.  Guess what?  It was magical.

I put the list on my original blog with the goal of recording 3000 positive memories and experiences. I invited others to participate. It was beautiful how a few moments spent mining for gratefulness changed me and those around me.  That’s why I always hashtag “focus and take time”.

Daily we simply cannot “overcome” all the difficult people and encounters or inner feelings we meet. But we can use the law of substitution to shrink the present negative circumstances.  Just by creating this simple practice and teaching others how to do it got my is shift in gear. 5 little thoughts are amazing when you want to quickly move the energy in an otherwise negative room.  Or yourself.

Mining yesterday was easy. I took off my consultant hat and put down the laptop and toured a historic factory in upstate New York with my family. I found so many but here are just 5:

Construction workers waving hello

Huge red-orange Flowers

Meeting Matilde from France 9B2F09D8-D9ED-4F79-8BCF-6EBC533744AB

Groundhogs in the garden

Ice cream sandwiches by the fire truck

Try this. Focus and take time. Challenge your employees and teams and kids and spouse and self.  Who knows what might make tomorrow’s list? 

We pass treasures every single day. Be determined to see them. 

As a small biz owner, are you reluctant to tell your brand story on livestream?  Are you gripped with uncertainty at the suggestion of using IGTV, YouTube or creating edited video?  Do you get sweaty palmed when you think about scripting daily social media posts, your next blog, or  your “about me” page or bio?  No need. Helping you lose the negativity while finding your voice is what I do best. Get on my calendar for a free 20-minute catalyst session.  Together we can do this.  

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What Moment Will You Cherish?

Saffron Lifestyle Puerto Plata Dominican  Republic

Cherishing My Moments. Because “one day it could be otherwise”.

For the last several days I’ve been in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic without my family. For someone else that might seem normal enough, but that just means they haven’t met me yet. Traveling? Check! Traveling internationally? Check! Traveling internationally without my husband? That would be an automatic no for me.

However we had an issue with our kids passports; I had no choice. I needed to come and welcome our family and guests, all the while praying hubby could get 24 hour passport renewal without me being in the room. DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

(I will save the details for another blog once I can find the humor in it. That hasn’t happened yet! But to whet your appetite It includes the following: nine school children who wouldn’t get out of the street, an irate customer care agent who should hand in her resignation NOW, a monsoon, 15 hours of hunger, struggling up a steep cobblestone hill on a golf cart with no windshield through the previously mentioned monsoon, 4 defunct Internet cafes, a lawyer who can no longer hold his own pen but has the notary stamp, holding back the traffic of 489 aggressive motorcycle drivers, to run through the traffic and that blasted monsoon and at least one donkey.)

Now that my family is here I am once again reminded why it’s so important to authentically focus and take time. To slow down and be present. To cherish the moment. To know that: “one day it could all be otherwise”. To learn more about this concept, check out the last episode of, The Sunday Corner™, on YouTube: bit.ly/ChatoneYT

Last night we celebrated with a special dinner. And while this is not a restaurant review it just might make you hungry to visit the DR and come to this fabulous spot.

Travel with me….

We dined at at “Saffron”, a private restaurant here in Puerto Plata. How it lived up to its name!!

Fresh healing herbs infused into every bite. Yes, the food was amazing. Mediterranean hot and spicy lentil and root vegetable soup, smooth hummus and eggplant purée in tiny white bowls served alongside pickled carrots and beets and thick pita bread straight from the oven. The tender roasted lamb chops the size of beef ribs, the chicken tangine arrived at the table atop pearl potatoes, tiny okra and in a sauce with the perfect bite. All of this feast paired with a delectable deep red wine, then finished with crispy phyllo stuffed with apricots and drizzled with warm honey. We were directly at the ocean in a evening so dark, we could hear the surf and waves and the song of night birds, but see nothing. Not even the sand. It was truly a gorgeous experience.

And yet it became pale because I was in the midst of cherishing that my “forever boyfriend” had finally arrived. Mark Morrison is better than the best dinner in the best location in the best part of the most beautiful island. I have cherished him since I was 14 years old. I want to continue.

When you stop to focus and take time, you notice all the tiny hints of moments to cherish and enjoy.

Your turn…

Chatone Morrison ©2017

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Are You Wearing Your Jacket?

black girl ivy wreath unsplash denim jacket

This morning while driving my son to school I had an epiphany.  I was cold!  Well not cold exactly.  But just enough to get my attention.  It’s October here and although the early mornings turn to warmth and sunny afternoons I need to remember to simply dress for the weather that snow.  Not just the weather to come.  When I do that, there are no surprises.  Just one extra layer and it all somehow works in my favor.  And no, this is not a blog post about “what not to wear” in fall or how to be a fashionable mom in the car loop, well unless that is how you choose to take it.  This is a blog about feeling the duality of the reality what is in front of you and dealing with it just as it is.  In other words, want to have a positive enjoyable October morning in the northeast?  Add an extra layer.  Wear a jacket.

Do you own a “jacket of positivity“?  What color is it?  Is it so well-worn that it fits your body like a glove?  Is it among the favorite pieces in your closet, so much so that you wouldn’t dare leave the house without it?  Did you lay it down and now have no idea where it is?  How’s that going for you?levi torn jacket biker unsplash

For at least the time being, people are going to continue to be rude, nasty, full of road
rage, and Target waiting in line rage, and kindergarten rage…etcetera, etcetera.  It’s like an elementary school playground at recess, all the jackets of positivity have been left in a pile on the ground.  Is yours in there someplace?

unsplash black girl denim jacket fashion

Even as I write this and make an off-the-“jacket”-cuff metaphor about the way we show up for ourselves and our family as women, I hope it makes sense.  Ultimately it’s up to each of us to decide what to put on each day.  An armor of positivity is the exact opposite of not standing up for yourself.  It means you face and flight what matters most, all the while being an example, a stand, an elevated platform those blessed to be in your presence.  And in the end the recipient of the biggest blessing is you.

Go find your jacket. Pin it.  Tweet it.  Put it on the Gram.  But most of all wear it.  It will fit over your t-shirt or your evening gown.  You will be the most fashionable in every single room.  And maybe, just maybe, you will start a new trend.

Chatone Morrison ©2017

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Chatone old navy striped top princess

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Thriving on Thursdays: Ever Feel Like You Are Just Inching Along? Change Your Perspective!

IMG_0591I took this picture while fooling around at the gym this week. Yep…that’s me.  But that isn’t the complete story.  I used to be a 2 hour at a clip daily gym rat, in the front of the room, hugging-the-mirrors, kind of girl! Neither the trainer nor the teacher, I was the girl who stood at the door of the class and welcomed people in. I knew the names of all the strangers even though they weren’t exactly my friends. I quickly memorized all the steps in every routine, taught them to my children in the kitchen while cooking dinner, even practiced them on my very public walks in the park (sometimes drawing a crowd…oh how I wish I were kidding!) My game was on point, I was cut, thick and fit! 😁

Then pain began. After every workout near excruciating pain in my groin lasted for days. Conventional Doctors couldn’t figure it out. Natural doctors struggled with remedies. The stretches that my trainer recommended did not do the trick. I changed my nutrition. Took hundreds of vitamins and herbs. I started walking instead of high-intensity workouts. But the pain persisted. After 4 surgeries and procedures and the wonderful complications that come along for fun, I am no longer the same person. Nowadays, riding a bike, a little elliptical and weights is where I can be found. That’s my new perspective. It’s slow but it’s going. Wishing doesn’t change that and neither does feeling sorry for myself. I had to adjust my gauge!

When it seems as if your progress is moving so slowly that you cannot notice the differences, it’s time to turn over how you look at it. If you do something today that you couldn’t/didn’t/wouldn’t do yesterday, that is progress!


My Fitness/Health Vision Board for 2017 is a LOT different than it used to be…But I’m still moving and I count that as progress!

Remember: Comparing your “now” self to your “very best past self”, will come often leave you felling way less than. But when you hit the mark of doing just a little bit more than what you did yesterday – that is when you tap on the shoulder of movement and tug on the skirt of success.

If you are struggling with a come back, and your progress is inching along, be willing to change your perspective. Rejoice in your regularity. Celebrate smaller successes. Hold a vision for different victories. Be compassionate in your climb. Most of all be present. Be grateful. Focus and take time. Slow is better than stopping.

Chatone Morrison ©2017

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“Be You, Beautiful!” A Poem in Support of Self-Acceptance & Showing Up Positive


Self-Acceptance is a movement that is hard won by most women.  It’s something we want, need even, but a serious challenge to get and even more challenging to maintain.  I should know…I’ve been at it for a long time!  

Last week’s Sunday Corner video on my YouTube channel broke down part of my journey to self-acceptance.  If you missed it here is the link:  http://bit.ly/selfieacceptance

If you are in in the midst of your own personal journey – it’s my hope that this poem nudges you along.

Be You, Beautiful!

Carry bits of dreams
Use them to find your glow 
Stuff them in the pockets of your jeans
When looking out every window

Be You
Out loud 

Carry them in elaborately woven 
Burlap sacks 
9-5 Tears
Daily grinds 
Prerogatives & 
Dog-eared Envelopes full of 1990’s

And when it’s time to show
Be you ready!

Glorified & Purified with
White rose and Orange essence 
Heady with the fragrance of Success
Already unjarred 
In the distance but

So keep carrying your bite sized bits
Fit them deep down in every crease
Let them run down your face like grease
Lubricating every move
Fall into the sole of shoes
And sneakers
Every step you take
Be you

Stand closer to the speaker
Hear today 
Here tomorrow
Even when the vision seems imprisoned

Don’t forget to look out every window
Fingertips to lips 

Your dreams are whispering
Cup your ear &

Poetry By:  Chatone Morrison  ©2014

Ready to get your positive energy in check?  Looking to clean up your self-talk, create a personal affirmation plan or ease your way into releasing your negativity so your positivity can reign?  Complete the questionnaire for a free coaching strategy session.


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STORY TIME!! The “Get To Know Me” Tag – Blog #1

CBM looking up pic dallas

In the spirit of having a bit of fun and opening up, I have decided to do a series of “Getting to Know Me” blog posts.  As a wife, mom, mompreneur, writer, coach, and of course, the Princess of Positivity, I wear a lot of crowns…I mean hats!  I’m often so focused on uplifting others,  I forget that most of the people who visit my sites or read my material have never met me!  So here goes.  Look out for an accompanying video…there just might be one coming!

1.  Are you named after anyone?

I am!  When my dear mom was pregnant with me she met a lady named Chatone.  She fell in love with the name and told my dad.  He said if I was a boy she could name me Chatone.  If I had been a boy I would have been called, Aaron-David Richard-William Curley.  Talk about a mouthful.  Guess I could have still been the Prince of Positivity!  The strange thing is that I never liked my name.  No one can ever pronounce it and I am often called something very close to a curse word.  (grrrr)  My dream name as a child was Priscilla.    But alas, when I turned 14, just 2 years shy of the age my parents had agreed I could legally change my name, I fell in love with being the only person on the planet (at least it seemed) that had my name.  And since I felt so odd and unique it seemed apropos.  But then think of it… Priscilla, the Princess of Positivity.  Can’t you just hear the ring in that?!

2.  What’s the first thing you notice about people?

I notice eye contact and the facial expression.  When I encounter people, I always make eye contact and smile right away.  I want to see if I can get them to smile back.  It’s probably a bit corny.  But then again, positivity is my super power!  I am looking for the like-minded ALL THE TIME.  Warm eyes and kind faces get my attention.

3.  Do you have kids?

Yes!  Two kids, Katelin (15) and Levi (11).   I also lost a boy and girl to miscarriage and one that was too early to know.  Saddest time in my life I have to say…but it’s made me a stronger and more compassionate person.  Isn’t it amazing that our scars make us beautiful?

4.  Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Oh boy…sarcasm is not a great thing.  But the wit and quickness involved is something we simply cannot do without in our home. It’s so bad that when Levi was 3 years old he gave his first eye roll, head tilt and “oh pulease…”  Enough said!

5.  Scary movie or happy endings?

I hate like scary movies.  I’m that annoying person in an action movie that actually screams when the guns come out.  My blood pressure literally rises with suspense, and I cannot stand to be frightened!  Like when someone jumps out of a corner or is standing in a dark room…nope!  Not me.  Not my thing.  Hubby will be sat there enjoying it and I have a scarf blocking my eyes!

6.  Do you have any special talents?

Music is my thing.  I sing.  Play piano and flute.  And I love to dance.  If you pay me enough I can rap free style – I mean spoken word poetry…

7.  When was the last time you cried?

I cried really hard last weekend (7/29/17).  I was at a themed convention called, “Don’t Give Up!” in Tampa with my family.  There was a dramatization of a woman who lost her dad and how she coped with it by relying on God.  It felt so real!  Exactly how I felt when I lost my dad.  Even though it’s been almost 20 years (October 1997), I still miss him.  Full out ugly cry ensued.

8.  What is your favorite drink?  Animal?  Perfume?

OK seriously what a strange series of questions!  Drink would be fizzy Pellegrino with lime twist. Animal is Portuguese water dog.  Perfume is Belara Midnight by Mary Kay.

9.  What phone do you have?

Currently I am loving my iPhone 7+.  I was a super slow adopter of apple products.  Old school lover of a blackberry until my friends all laughed me into submission.  Now I am an Apple product robot.  Sorry, I’m not sorry!

10.  What was your favorite trip/vacation?

My hubby Mark is the “King of Travel” so we have had some great travels in currently 28+ years of marriage.  However, one of the very best trips we have taken, was for our 10th anniversary.  We went to the south of Spain.  It was a 5 day trip; hotel, air, food for $500 per person.  My brother-in-law saw a tiny add in the NY Times and we thought it might not even be a real offer.  We called, found out it was legit and started our planning.  I was super excited.  A month or so later we found out we were pregnant with our first baby.  Crazy!  Even more excited.  10th anniversary.  After only just trying to get pregnant for a short time – boom!   We were flying high and all was right in our happy world…until it wasn’t.  Imperfect life happened and on May 10, 1999, the same week we were supposed to travel, I miscarried our baby.  The devastation was real!  I never thought I would understand anything again, let alone laugh, have fun or have even an ounce of self-esteem or self-love.  We called the travel agent and told our story.  Without even asking for any proof from our doctor, and without insurance they allowed us to cancel, reschedule for a month after my surgery and honored the $500 price even though going in the month of June would have doubled the price.  

So why was this the best trip/vacation ever?  The endless days summer days when the sun set around 10pm, the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, the pink mountains capped in snow all around, the warm loving friends we met, the tiny, smooth, multi-colored pebbles on the beach and the miracle of knowing only God could create an earth so perfectly beautiful, fostered my faith that I could feel good again.

FullSizeRender 9

“How agreeable is to feel the sea breeze playing upon one’s face. The heroine of this piece seems to have gone to the sea shore to feel this sensation that is so refreshing and restorative for her skin.”  Elisa Sculpture – Brisa 1999/5000

And by the time we came home I was on the road to healing.  

To commemorate that time in our lives and for my anniversary, Mark gave me “Breeze” a 5000 piece, limited edition Elisa sculpture.  Ironically we got number 1999 without even asking.  And until Katelin was finally born in 2002, Brisa, as she is known in Spanish, was my treasured daughter.  Now I have the real thing to accompany my doll.   Positivity really can be born during adversity.





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It’s Spring…But What Season Are You In?


Here in Columbia, Maryland it’s Spring.  And although we have had a mixture of cool, rainy days with unseasonably warm days, it’s still Spring.  The trees are full, green and lovely.  Big, juicy flowers line the lawns in my neighborhood.  More animals than I care to count are visiting my backyard.  Mulch is being freshened up.  Folks are getting into the swing of running again, the bikers are getting their legs back and kids are playing outside.  Life is being lived full and out loud and pleasant.  Everything is getting renewed.  Spring is the renewal season.  It starts to seem easy to get started because things are blooming.  It’s a good time!

What about you?  What in your life is being renewed right now?  Are you starting to hear the click-clack of regularity in your fitness?  Your business?  Your relationships?  Are you writing a book and feeling amazing because the chapters seem to be rolling off your pen and onto the page?  Are you reaching your fitness and clean eating goals?  Ain’t it grand?  It is!  So what’s wrong?

What’s wrong is that you might still be in Winter.  In Winter we are not ready to spring.  It’s that simple.  Winter is for Wonder.  The wonder season where one explores, imagines, figures it out and finally pinpoints what next step to execute.  Incredibly encouraging if your goal is to actuate your success.  Incredibly discouraging if you end up comparing yourself to someone else’s success.

Stop it!!  It’s not Spring for you!  You are in the Wonder season and your personal Spring is coming once you stop comparing yourself to other people.



Imagine a snowflake comparing itself to a lily.  Both white.  Both unique.  Both on the ground.  Both beautiful.  And yet completely…COMPLETELY different.  And Not to be compared.

“But Chatone, I’m not where I want to be yet!  I’m tired of working so hard and not getting anywhere!”

How true is that?

If you have a fear of heights, but want to feel the exhilaration of going down the expert slope, you have to conquer the monorail.  You have go slowly up…there is no way to get down until you get up.  So go.  Slowly if that is what it takes.  Look around.  Wonder at the beauty of the mountain on the way up.  Then get ready to scream at the top of your lungs in joy on the way down!  Success is everywhere…you just have to change up your perspective.

If you want your “Positivity to Reign”, STOP comparing yourself to anyone else.  You cannot walk in their shoes, sing with their voice, dance with their hips, jump with their rope.  If Spring has not yet arrived at your house, look at the beauty of the snow.  Go skiing.  Go sledding. Go iceskating.  Embrace the season you are in!  Focus on what’s good and take time to enjoy it all.  Your Spring-into-Action is on it’s way!

CBM nyc may 2017

“Princess of Positivity” Enjoying a Quiet Moment in NYC

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What Do You Need…A Dollar or A Dream?


“The poorest person is not one without a dollar, but one without a dream.”

This quote is often posted on Facebook and Twitter and yet it resonates deeply each and every time.  It’s not surprising.  Whether one lives in poverty or the penthouse, is a front office clerk, or corner office CEO, when dreams, aspirations, and visions reside within, there is energy for another day.  The simple truth is, the human happiness quotient is not based on outside things.  It is based on what is within.

The biggest challenge is not dream development or creation.  It’s keeping them alive when the light above them dims.  It’s remembering to take them out for intimate dates, even after being married to them for 20 years.  And as the quote insinuates, it’s in making sure that other goals don’t replace what’s really important.  Sometimes, our dreams don’t need more money – they need a place to lay their tired heads.

It’s true that some of our more “creative” ideas may have an expiration date based on timing or circumstances.  You may not be able to join the circus at 39 years old and perform as a trapeze artist,  but can you go to a TRX or Pilates class and learn to strength train while suspended – closing your eyes and imagining yourself in the big tent?  In other words, if you hold your dream tightly enough, and know the intrinsic worth for you alone, you will find a way to make the essence of it a reality.

The chances of me becoming a professional dancer now are slim, but no holds barre (pun intended), I am great and graceful when I’m in cardio dance classes…(well, theoretically…when my ankle is not swollen!)  For an hour I compassionately stroke the head of that tiny farfetched dream.  And guess what?  My positivity, energy, and happiness are always higher than before I started.

If you can make authenticity boil over, it is multi-faceted, brilliant, and far more valuable than the world’s most expensive diamond.

Ready to reinvigorate your dreams? Read on!


  • What dream of mine keeps coming back year after year?
  • What am I doing with it?
  • If I’m not doing enough, what can I do to inch toward that part of myself?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen if I simply go for it?
  • Why am I waiting?

No matter how thin or worn or frayed the edges become, put your dream in your pocket or your purse.  Sling it over your shoulder and carry at least one with you at all times.  Be open to taking it out and showing it off, like you would a picture of your daughter or son, or kitty or pup.  Don’t hide it and don’t run from it.  Remember, your dreams are not going anywhere.  Where ever you go, there they are, patiently waiting for you to take them out for a spin.

Don’t worry about the dollar – JUST DREAM!

Chatone Morrison – 11/24/2016

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