Confident Content Tuesday: Ready To “Cook Up” Some Great Content? Perfection is NOT Required!


Today‚Äôs Confident Content Tuesday Tip was delivered via Facebook live stream   (Access Today’s Facebook Livewhile I made gluten-free banana-nut muffins.  Simultaneously.  ūüôĆ Am I proud when I successfully do double duty?  Sure!  But what I love most is that I give myself permission to make mistakes and to keep going.  The Confident Content Tip of the Day is all about that.

**  Perfection Is NOT Required **

If you like cooking as much as I do, you learn your way around the kitchen and during all the trial and error you learn the strangest things, for example, what you initially think is a tragedy is often found totally delicious by other people.  It‚Äôs similar with your content delivery.  Especially as a coach, consultant, artist, or other high creative being, when you are delivering the “gift of you‚ÄĚ, perfection rears it‚Äôs ugly head way too often.  So just think, what would you do if you were in the kitchen and wanted to serve up something tasty even if you had a little bit of doubt?  Here’s 5 things that will help in the kitchen, in life and definitely in the business of creating your content.


5 Keys to Confident Content (That Work In The Kitchen Too!)

  1. Prepare for your niche.  Ever had a dinner party and invited guests who adhere to special diets?  You try to accommodate, right? You wouldn’t cook Shrimp Alfredo for someone with a shellfish allergy and is gluten-free.   You would know what they needed and then what they needed and then give it to them.  It’s the same with your content.  Know your audience and give them exactly what they need.  They are not looking for perfection, but consistently tasty prepared just for them.
  2. Use what you have on hand.  Your pantry is chock full of goodies and you can create something great from there even in a pinch.  With your skills, talents, education, passion and gifts, it’s the exact same thing.  Don’t try to cook from someone else’s kitchen – yours is way more than good enough!
  3. Know the art of substitution. There is no sense lamenting over not having enough oil when you can usually exchange equal amounts of applesauce while cutting  calories but keeping the moisture and even adding a bit of flavor.  In your content if something is working, change it.  One platform isn’t performing, try a different one. A particular CTA doesn’t engage, move on.  Getting it right may take a couple tries but in the meantime you are learning what works best and you can never go wrong with that lesson.IMG_5809
  4.  Be flexible.  The toothpick test doesn’t always come out clean after 45 minutes on a 350 oven.  That’s life.   If you stubbornly (perfectly) follow the recipe at all costs, you might end up with something half-baked and inedible.  Especially when you are delivering your content on live stream realize that a few curve balls might come your way.  You might have the notes, nerve and the notion but life will happen!  Today during my Facebook livestream I realized that there was gluten-free flour on my, um, let’s just say right upper torso area….  I had to pivot in the moment.  My allergies kicked up smack dab in the middle of chatting and stirring.  Imagine if perfection got the best of me and I abruptly ended.  Not a good look.  But it’s spring and it happens, so I walked off camera, took care of my runny nose and got right back to the recipe of my content.  You can do just the same.  Be Flexible and go with it.  
  5. Questions are your ally. I think the reason women love  Pinterest so much is because we often come from families that don’t cook and we want an ally, a tribe.  We need to know that someone is out there that has done it too and can tell us how to do it.  But then if our banana nut muffins don’t turn out just like the picture we are bummed out.  You don’t have to respond that way if you don’t want to.  Realize that your niche market/ideal customer has questions too.  She is looking for a “recipe” for her problem and you have the answer.  What you know and will share is more than what she has.  Perfection is never placed in a search engine.  Ask what she needs.  Check your recipe to make sure you will deliver it and start consistently cooking and delivering your content!

Here’s the gem I want you to take away:  Perfection is not needed.   You are ready and should not delay another day waiting.  If I can help, let’s schedule a strategy session.  In the meantime:

Be Authentic.  Be Brilliant.  Be The Catalyst.

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Chatone Morrison is the Princess of Positivity¬ģ . Content Strategist & Confidence Coach. Gifted Writer Creating Print & Video Content that Raises Confidence, Positivity, & Energy in Corporate Women and Business Owners. Self-Talk Shifter. Motivation Elevator.  Catalyst.

Specializing in content creation, confidence coaching, consulting and strategy for women-owned small businesses, Chatone is the owner of Chatone Morrison Consulting.  As a highly creative, high energy, heart-led, coach, consultant, mentor, leader, speaker and author, Chatone is absolutely passionate about helping her clients to script their unique brand story, know their niche and find their voice, systematize their message and move past the negativity so they can confidently sell their services on and off-line.  She believes that you can absolutely release negativity so positivity can reign in your brain and in your business. To work with Chatone, go to or visit


Do You Have a Mrs. Working For You?


Whatever you have going on today just remember that it probably doesn‚Äôt look as hard as it really is. Yeah…I said that. Because it‚Äôs true. We often hear the opposite as a motivator. But in reality much of what we face and have to get done as business owners, moms, wives, mentors, coaches, (and the list goes on) ain‚Äôt at all easy!!¬† YOU make it look easy. You are there subtly applying the gifts you have to the cause without even thinking about it and because of YOU it‚Äôs totally different.¬†

As ¬†you start ¬†your day remember this:¬† No one knows your exact struggle so it might be a good idea to stop expecting folks to get ‚Äúit‚ÄĚ. ¬† The real question isn‚Äôt about them anyway. ¬†Do YOU¬†get it?¬† Instead of looking for others to acknowledge what you are doing and have done, create¬†a best relationship with yourself. ¬†Every working woman could use a wife…so become your own¬†MRS. –¬†Motivational Reward System.¬†


Balloons just make me happy…¬†ūüéąūüéąūüéą


The WHY is simple. What you do deserves noticing. What you slay should be celebrated. At the very least someone should be saying ‚ÄúThanks, let me cover a latt√© for you‚ÄĚ. ¬†Something

Think about this:

1. How often do you relegate your challenges to simply: ‚Äúit is what it is‚ÄĚ, and then keep it moving?

2. What is one thing you could give yourself TODAY that would make a difference?

3.  How will you feel after you enjoy that activity?

4. Why haven’t you started yet!?

You may not have every answer you need at every single moment. But when you make a decision to reward yourself in even the smallest of ways you begin to create a balance for all that you are making happen – because you and I both know you are a BOSS!

For me that means creating motivational and inspirational content. It’s what I’m known for in print and video. Want some every day?  Join me in the Confidence Catalyst Academy for only one payment for the entire year! tuition Right Now!  



As a small biz owner, are you reluctant to tell your brand story on livestream?¬† Are you gripped with uncertainty at the suggestion of using IGTV, YouTube or creating edited video?¬† Do you get sweaty palmed when you think about scripting daily social media posts, your next blog, or ¬†your ‚Äúabout me‚ÄĚ page or bio?¬† No need. Helping you lose the negativity while finding your voice and letting your positivity reign, is what I do best. Get on my calendar for a free 20-minute¬†catalyst session. ¬†Together we can do this. ¬†


Looking Down and Looking Back – One Woman’s Perspective on Life After the Workplace

What did you focus on today? Was it the big important thing that is always right there and needs your attention? Or was it the small almost silent whisper that edged its way to you tapping for you to take notice. If it was the latter I hope you decided to #focusandtaketime. Because it is most often in the silence that the miracles appear.

I took this picture last week from my hotel in Dallas. I couldn’t help but think of all the nights I stayed away from my family and was submerged in work and activities based on someone else’s agenda. I loved my team. My work. I loved coaching and mentoring and teaching others to be excellent. Both at their jobs and and as people.

For many years while I did the corporate grind, Dallas was a second home. It was fast paced, exciting, my work seemed to matter and I strived to be really great at it. The view was from way up and everything looked good on the ground. The only problem was that the ground home, far away in New Jersey/Maryland, and I could not divide myself and be in two cities at once. The place I longed to be was with my hubby and my kids…that was the place that mattered. I was home plenty, but I was missing a lot too. It wasn’t the concert here or there or the shows. Every parent misses a couple. It was the little things that no one remembered to tell me. It was little everyday-mundane-seemingly-boring-too-unimportant-to-recount things. I’m still discovering things 5 years later.

It’s like watching a big city from high up. You don’t know what the sights and sounds are on the ground. When you see the movement of the highway and the people and the traffic, you imagine what it sounds like. And you can remain fairly neutral because it doesn’t seem like much. But sometimes there is laughter. And sometimes there is weeping. Other times there is confusion. And every now and then there is a bittersweet contentment. Sweet because you recognize the joy. Bitter because you are too high up to enjoy it.

No matter how much I love a city (and I treasure them) I prefer the whir of my family to the whir of a plane taking off. When you are a work at home mom or mompreneur, there is a delicious banter that will drive you both out of your head crazy and out of your heart happy. No win in the boardroom compares to my daughter, son, hubby and me, taking time to bond over the Bible at breakfast. Can you do it from a distance? Sure. While in between flights? Yes. Running to a conference call? Of course. But the best memories are built from blocks picked up by hand. Because the beat of a city should never drown out the beat of your “most important”.

The portfolio of my Mary Kay business, coaching, writing, and supporting my husband in his ASL interpreting business is keeping me from idly looking out of windows wishing I could hear “what’s going on down there?” Getting to be home to see, hear experience more is worth putting the suitcases away.

What about you? Are you a corporate warrior but wish you could be at home? Are you looking down and out from way high up but longing to be closer to the ground? There are ways to make a plan and start your exit. Let’s talk.

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It’s Spring…But What Season Are You In?


Here in Columbia, Maryland it’s Spring. ¬†And although we¬†have had a mixture of cool, rainy days with unseasonably warm days, it’s still Spring. ¬†The trees are full, green and lovely. ¬†Big, juicy¬†flowers line the lawns¬†in my neighborhood. ¬†More animals than¬†I care to count are visiting my backyard. ¬†Mulch is being freshened up. ¬†Folks¬†are getting into the swing of running again, the bikers are getting their legs back and kids are playing outside. ¬†Life is being lived full and out loud and pleasant. ¬†Everything is getting renewed. ¬†Spring is the renewal season. ¬†It starts to seem easy to get started because things are blooming. ¬†It’s a good time!

What about you? ¬†What in your life is being renewed right now? ¬†Are you starting to hear the click-clack of regularity in your fitness? ¬†Your business? ¬†Your relationships? ¬†Are you writing a book and feeling amazing because the chapters seem to be rolling off your pen and onto the page? ¬†Are you reaching your fitness and clean eating goals? ¬†Ain’t it grand? ¬†It is! ¬†So what’s wrong?

What’s wrong is that you might still be in Winter. ¬†In Winter we are not ready to spring. ¬†It’s that simple. ¬†Winter is for Wonder. ¬†The wonder season where one explores, imagines, figures it out and finally pinpoints what next step¬†to execute. ¬†Incredibly encouraging¬†if your¬†goal is to actuate your success. ¬†Incredibly¬†discouraging if you end up comparing yourself to someone else’s success.

Stop it!! ¬†It’s not Spring for you! ¬†You are in the Wonder season and your¬†personal Spring is coming once you stop comparing yourself to other people.



Imagine a snowflake comparing itself to a lily. ¬†Both white. ¬†Both unique. ¬†Both on the ground. ¬†Both beautiful. ¬†And yet completely…COMPLETELY different. ¬†And Not¬†to be compared.

“But Chatone, I’m not where I want to be yet! ¬†I’m tired of working so hard and not getting anywhere!”

How true is that?

If you have a fear of heights, but want to feel the exhilaration of going down the expert¬†slope, you have to conquer the monorail. ¬†You have go slowly up…there is no way to get down until you get up. ¬†So go. ¬†Slowly if that is what it takes. ¬†Look around. ¬†Wonder at the beauty of the mountain on the way up. ¬†Then get ready to scream at the top of your lungs in joy on the way down! ¬†Success is everywhere…you just have to change up your perspective.

If you want your “Positivity to Reign”, STOP¬†comparing yourself to anyone else. ¬†You cannot walk in their shoes, sing with their voice, dance with their hips, jump with their rope. ¬†If Spring has not yet arrived at¬†your house, look at the beauty of the snow. ¬†Go skiing. ¬†Go sledding. Go¬†iceskating. ¬†Embrace the¬†season you are in! ¬†Focus on what’s good and take time to enjoy it all. ¬†Your Spring-into-Action is on it’s way!

CBM nyc may 2017

“Princess of Positivity” Enjoying a Quiet Moment in NYC

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