The Princess is in the Building – Positivity Starts Here!

Hey!  I’m Chatone and I am the Princess of Positivity!  I help women release their negativity, so their positivity can Reign!  

It is my mission, passion and vision to support women:  Discover. Uncover.  Recover. And show up in Confidence and Positivity.  

As a mompreneur rocking a coaching practice and Mary Kay biz, supporting an entrepreneur hubby and 2 awesome kids, I especially love to write for and work with power wives and moms.  I totally understand that tiredness comes naturally; a positive perspective, not so much.  But there is always a spin if you know where to look.  That’s why I’m here.  Let’s find your spin!

Chatone Morrison, Certified Life Coach, Mompreneur, Author, Blogger, Professional Mommy with an Occasional “S” on my chest.

P.S.  Be Authentic!  Be Brilliant!  Be the Catalyst!