Releasing Negativity Is What I’m All About!

Hi There!  I’m Chatone Morrison and I am the Princess of Positivity®️.  I help lady boss coaches and entrepreneurs release their negativity, so their positivity can reign in their brain and in their business.    

It is my mission, passion and vision to support women:  Discover. Uncover.  Recover. And show up in Confidence and Positivity.  All day.  Every day.

I help you create Confident Content for your business, and BE Confident Content for your life.  Because,

“Frankly my dear, you ARE the Content!”

Through my content coaching, 1:1 confidence consulting, and a Mary Kay business, I help you cover all the bases!

I’m a published author.  My livestream show, The Sunday Corner LIVE™️  is in its 5th year.  I’ve been hosting a virtual writing space, The Confident Content Cafe™️  since 2019.  And I have a Mary Kay Skincare & Cosmetics business that I adore, too! 

I am absolutely passionate for empowering women to have clarity, consistency, confidence and creativity.  And yes, I believe it can all be done without hating the process.  And double yes, I want you to get back to what’s most important.  Your family, your clients, and yourself!

As an ex-corporate girl, I am so happy to have released that burden in 2012 when I had the privilege of becoming a work at home mom, a homeschooling mom, and an added support to my husband in our super-busy, dual-entrepreneur family. 

With all this, I understand that tiredness comes naturally – a positive perspective – not so much.  But there is always a way to release the negativity if you know where to look.  That’s why I’m here.  Let’s find your way!

Chatone Morrison, Certified Life Coach, Author, Blogger, Vlogger, Professional Mommy with an Occasional “S” on my chest.

P.S.  Be Authentic!  Be Brilliant!  Be the Catalyst!

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