The Fundamentals of Why I Chose An “Inclusive” Brand

I don’t often bring up race or race relations. From the bottom of my heart I believe that people can be united if they are taught. I believe in a bright future. My hubby and I have raised our children to see people for who they really are – not the color of their skin. So don’t get me wrong, I’m not deviating from my normal everyday path. But I wanted to answer this question. And I thought, no better time than the present, what with it being February and all.

Why do I represent a beauty brand that isn’t “black-owned”?

It’s a loaded question and so I must give the full answer. First, I purchase many many beauty brands. My hair products are exclusively black-owned, and I support as many small, Women of Color (WOC) owned businesses as I possibly can. Second, as a woman entrepreneur, I am thrilled to be able to decide what is good for my life and for my own business. This is so empowering after all those years in Corporate America, when I was unable to able to decide much of anything. But third, and most important, is this:

Mary Kay had a huge vision for her company. She invited everyone to the table.

When WOC were only being invited to cook for the table, set the table, serve the table, and clean the table, Mary Kay saved a place for Black women. She invited them to pull up a chair and actually BE at the table. My mom never had a Mary Kay business, but even as a kid you know when you see something special. I was watching.

I remember my mom using this product when I was a little girl. I didn’t know who owned it and of course I didn’t care. I would see her putting on eye cream and night cream every evening without fail. Even though we never had excess, she was usually in a pretty nightgown with a satin robe. She was slow about it. Deliberate. It was a ritual I didn’t understand – but I loved watching it. Regardless of what her day was like, she got in a little self-care. In the era of Good Times and What’s Happening! those words weren’t used yet, but the actions made an impact. On my mother and on the little girl watching. Me. Over the years the colors, the products and the business have grown up and reached out, not just for women of darker skin or lighter skin, but for everyone in between.

Right now, when women and the families they support need it the most, Mary Kay (the company) has reached out once again. By giving women the chance to start a business with drive, determination, and only $30, the table is expanded and there is more room than ever before. To add to that, a few months ago, the Purpose Power Index named Mary Kay among the most powerful purpose-driven brands in the U.S. They have far more “feel-good” initiatives than I can detail. This brand has programs to support victors of domestic and date violence, has given millions for cancer research, supports literacy, assures that the products are safe, and is intent on being as green as possible. Did you notice I didn’t mention anything about winning cars or fancy trips or all the millions that some women have earned? That’s all true too, but it didn’t factor into my decision. Those are just perks. Of course, no company is perfect, but when I looked at the track record, I had to stick around!

Why do I represent this brand? Because Mary Kay is not for only black women or brown women or white women or for ONLY any combination of colors or cultures. Mary Kay includes ALL women. And THAT aligns with my values.

If you have never tried the MK brand and would like to have a spa experience with me right from the comfort of your home, let me pamper you and help you get your self-care in, no matter what. I definitely have space for you at my table. To schedule an appointment, text SELFCARE to 443-583-3670.

Princess of Positivity®, Chatone Morrison has a Mary Kay business and loves to share both the products and the business opportunity with women who are ready to shine.  She believes that you can absolutely release negativity so positivity can reign in your brain, in your business and in your big beautiful life. Visit Website

Chatone is the author of the book FATT & Happy, a self-coaching course and journal for women, and a Content Strategist & Confidence Coach for Women Entrepreneurs.  She is the owner of Chatone Morrison Consulting and the founder of The Confident Content Cafe, specializing in content creation, confidence coaching, consulting and strategy for women-owned small businesses.  She is a highly creative, high energy, heart-led, coach, consultant, mentor, leader, speaker and author, and she is absolutely passionate about helping her clients to script their unique stories, know their niche and find their voice, systematize their message and move past the negativity so they can confidently sell their services on and off-line. 

To apply for a strategy session with Chatone, go to or visit

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