Are You Wearing Your Jacket?

black girl ivy wreath unsplash denim jacket

This morning while driving my son to school I had an epiphany.  I was cold!  Well not cold exactly.  But just enough to get my attention.  It’s October here and although the early mornings turn to warmth and sunny afternoons I need to remember to simply dress for the weather that snow.  Not just the weather to come.  When I do that, there are no surprises.  Just one extra layer and it all somehow works in my favor.  And no, this is not a blog post about “what not to wear” in fall or how to be a fashionable mom in the car loop, well unless that is how you choose to take it.  This is a blog about feeling the duality of the reality what is in front of you and dealing with it just as it is.  In other words, want to have a positive enjoyable October morning in the northeast?  Add an extra layer.  Wear a jacket.

Do you own a “jacket of positivity“?  What color is it?  Is it so well-worn that it fits your body like a glove?  Is it among the favorite pieces in your closet, so much so that you wouldn’t dare leave the house without it?  Did you lay it down and now have no idea where it is?  How’s that going for you?levi torn jacket biker unsplash

For at least the time being, people are going to continue to be rude, nasty, full of road
rage, and Target waiting in line rage, and kindergarten rage…etcetera, etcetera.  It’s like an elementary school playground at recess, all the jackets of positivity have been left in a pile on the ground.  Is yours in there someplace?

unsplash black girl denim jacket fashion

Even as I write this and make an off-the-“jacket”-cuff metaphor about the way we show up for ourselves and our family as women, I hope it makes sense.  Ultimately it’s up to each of us to decide what to put on each day.  An armor of positivity is the exact opposite of not standing up for yourself.  It means you face and flight what matters most, all the while being an example, a stand, an elevated platform those blessed to be in your presence.  And in the end the recipient of the biggest blessing is you.

Go find your jacket. Pin it.  Tweet it.  Put it on the Gram.  But most of all wear it.  It will fit over your t-shirt or your evening gown.  You will be the most fashionable in every single room.  And maybe, just maybe, you will start a new trend.

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