Vision Through Any Size Window

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Photo by Lian Jonkman on Unsplash

For many of us, Vision is a strength.  We see with wide eyes.  Positive eyes.  For others vision is a struggle because distractions of other people’s views get in the way.  How about you? How is your vision?

One of the reasons I love coaching and being coached, is the way it opens eyes.  Eyes without possibility suddenly see (pun intended) what could be.   So many times, right up until the time when you are ready to hit “Go”, vision is in place.  You are flying a private jet.  The view is wide open, the window is huge and clear.  Then one thing or another happens.  Clouded by fear, indecision or feeling cramped by too many other opinions, even if it’s the last thing you want to happen, the window shrinks and vision fades.

The irony is when starting something new, vision is possible through any size window.  Even when no one can see our big idea, it’s clear to us.  Adversity and fear shrinks the window.  As the size of the window shrinks, so does the vision.  In reality, if you have the nerve to start scared, but invincible you can finish the same way.   Here’s two quick ways to do it:

  1.  Find your tribe!  Who is your tribe?  Like-minded, similarly focused folks who “get you”.  It doesn’t mean they are into the exact same thing necessarily.  It just means they will allow you to have your vision.  They will refuse to allow you to shrink because the target is far away.  In the picture above the window is small.  Seeing anything is going to be hard.  But the realities outside are exactly the same size!  So find a tribe who will keep you accountable for looking straight ahead even when the distance between you and your goal is still far away.
  2. Be Authentic!  This is more than just a Princess of Positivity® platitude.  Being Authentic is real and it will keep your vision alive!  Along the way to reach what you want so much fear is involved. Couple that with the naysayers and dream-slayers, and the tendency to say everything is, “Fine” is simply to tempting and seems harmless.  Of course nothing could be farther from true.   It will keep you from moving forward.  Because when you lie about your progress, or tell the truth about your progress, and then lie about how you feel about it, your tribe cannot help you.  They won’t even know you need it.

If you are wanting a stronger and more positive vision, you can also write down your vision statement, keep it with you and recite it repeatedly until you are comfortable.  Or you can make a vision board and interact with it until you embrace it as truth.   It might take a moment to change your mindset, but once you do, you get to play a bigger game with your ultimate vision.  Deciding is more than half the battle!

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Photo by Izzy Gerosa on Unsplash

Any Size Window – Poetry By Chatone Morrison

Super big vision.
Big ideas. Yet,
Packing big suitcases. 
Full of fear.


Shaking head silence.
Choices are few.
Thoughts seem distant, old and un-new.  

Shake them off?  

Pretend them away?  
Face them head on or they stay and stay and stay.
Where is the vision?  
Where did it go?  
Brought down with arrows, night clubs and bows? 
When with-in seems empty, and with-out is a shame.
When you give up or give out just “I” will be blamed.
When Perseverance is a memory of your distant days
Packed in the cases of your younger self’s ways
Go in again with
A different approach. 
Go in again with
A brand new way.
Step out on the field. 
And into the sun. 
Go for the run where giants play. 
Your vision is present
On the field and on the plane.  
Fear is a friend
A guidepost to glow.
You are more than enough
To play a huge game
And your vision is clear through any size window.


Chatone Morrison ©2017

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