“Be You, Beautiful!” A Poem in Support of Self-Acceptance & Showing Up Positive


Self-Acceptance is a movement that is hard won by most women.  It’s something we want, need even, but a serious challenge to get and even more challenging to maintain.  I should know…I’ve been at it for a long time!  

Last week’s Sunday Corner video on my YouTube channel broke down part of my journey to self-acceptance.  If you missed it here is the link:  http://bit.ly/selfieacceptance

If you are in in the midst of your own personal journey – it’s my hope that this poem nudges you along.

Be You, Beautiful!

Carry bits of dreams
Use them to find your glow 
Stuff them in the pockets of your jeans
When looking out every window

Be You
Out loud 

Carry them in elaborately woven 
Burlap sacks 
9-5 Tears
Daily grinds 
Prerogatives & 
Dog-eared Envelopes full of 1990’s

And when it’s time to show
Be you ready!

Glorified & Purified with
White rose and Orange essence 
Heady with the fragrance of Success
Already unjarred 
In the distance but

So keep carrying your bite sized bits
Fit them deep down in every crease
Let them run down your face like grease
Lubricating every move
Fall into the sole of shoes
And sneakers
Every step you take
Be you

Stand closer to the speaker
Hear today 
Here tomorrow
Even when the vision seems imprisoned

Don’t forget to look out every window
Fingertips to lips 

Your dreams are whispering
Cup your ear &

Poetry By:  Chatone Morrison  ©2014

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What Do You Need…A Dollar or A Dream?


“The poorest person is not one without a dollar, but one without a dream.”

This quote is often posted on Facebook and Twitter and yet it resonates deeply each and every time.  It’s not surprising.  Whether one lives in poverty or the penthouse, is a front office clerk, or corner office CEO, when dreams, aspirations, and visions reside within, there is energy for another day.  The simple truth is, the human happiness quotient is not based on outside things.  It is based on what is within.

The biggest challenge is not dream development or creation.  It’s keeping them alive when the light above them dims.  It’s remembering to take them out for intimate dates, even after being married to them for 20 years.  And as the quote insinuates, it’s in making sure that other goals don’t replace what’s really important.  Sometimes, our dreams don’t need more money – they need a place to lay their tired heads.

It’s true that some of our more “creative” ideas may have an expiration date based on timing or circumstances.  You may not be able to join the circus at 39 years old and perform as a trapeze artist,  but can you go to a TRX or Pilates class and learn to strength train while suspended – closing your eyes and imagining yourself in the big tent?  In other words, if you hold your dream tightly enough, and know the intrinsic worth for you alone, you will find a way to make the essence of it a reality.

The chances of me becoming a professional dancer now are slim, but no holds barre (pun intended), I am great and graceful when I’m in cardio dance classes…(well, theoretically…when my ankle is not swollen!)  For an hour I compassionately stroke the head of that tiny farfetched dream.  And guess what?  My positivity, energy, and happiness are always higher than before I started.

If you can make authenticity boil over, it is multi-faceted, brilliant, and far more valuable than the world’s most expensive diamond.

Ready to reinvigorate your dreams? Read on!


  • What dream of mine keeps coming back year after year?
  • What am I doing with it?
  • If I’m not doing enough, what can I do to inch toward that part of myself?
  • What’s the best thing that can happen if I simply go for it?
  • Why am I waiting?

No matter how thin or worn or frayed the edges become, put your dream in your pocket or your purse.  Sling it over your shoulder and carry at least one with you at all times.  Be open to taking it out and showing it off, like you would a picture of your daughter or son, or kitty or pup.  Don’t hide it and don’t run from it.  Remember, your dreams are not going anywhere.  Where ever you go, there they are, patiently waiting for you to take them out for a spin.

Don’t worry about the dollar – JUST DREAM!

Chatone Morrison – 11/24/2016

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