What Moment Will You Cherish?

Saffron Lifestyle Puerto Plata Dominican  Republic

Cherishing My Moments. Because “one day it could be otherwise”.

For the last several days I’ve been in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic without my family. For someone else that might seem normal enough, but that just means they haven’t met me yet. Traveling? Check! Traveling internationally? Check! Traveling internationally without my husband? That would be an automatic no for me.

However we had an issue with our kids passports; I had no choice. I needed to come and welcome our family and guests, all the while praying hubby could get 24 hour passport renewal without me being in the room. DO NOT…I REPEAT…DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!

(I will save the details for another blog once I can find the humor in it. That hasn’t happened yet! But to whet your appetite It includes the following: nine school children who wouldn’t get out of the street, an irate customer care agent who should hand in her resignation NOW, a monsoon, 15 hours of hunger, struggling up a steep cobblestone hill on a golf cart with no windshield through the previously mentioned monsoon, 4 defunct Internet cafes, a lawyer who can no longer hold his own pen but has the notary stamp, holding back the traffic of 489 aggressive motorcycle drivers, to run through the traffic and that blasted monsoon and at least one donkey.)

Now that my family is here I am once again reminded why it’s so important to authentically focus and take time. To slow down and be present. To cherish the moment. To know that: “one day it could all be otherwise”. To learn more about this concept, check out the last episode of, The Sunday Corner™, on YouTube: bit.ly/ChatoneYT

Last night we celebrated with a special dinner. And while this is not a restaurant review it just might make you hungry to visit the DR and come to this fabulous spot.

Travel with me….

We dined at at “Saffron”, a private restaurant here in Puerto Plata. How it lived up to its name!!

Fresh healing herbs infused into every bite. Yes, the food was amazing. Mediterranean hot and spicy lentil and root vegetable soup, smooth hummus and eggplant purée in tiny white bowls served alongside pickled carrots and beets and thick pita bread straight from the oven. The tender roasted lamb chops the size of beef ribs, the chicken tangine arrived at the table atop pearl potatoes, tiny okra and in a sauce with the perfect bite. All of this feast paired with a delectable deep red wine, then finished with crispy phyllo stuffed with apricots and drizzled with warm honey. We were directly at the ocean in a evening so dark, we could hear the surf and waves and the song of night birds, but see nothing. Not even the sand. It was truly a gorgeous experience.

And yet it became pale because I was in the midst of cherishing that my “forever boyfriend” had finally arrived. Mark Morrison is better than the best dinner in the best location in the best part of the most beautiful island. I have cherished him since I was 14 years old. I want to continue.

When you stop to focus and take time, you notice all the tiny hints of moments to cherish and enjoy.

Your turn…

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