Thriving on Thursdays: Ever Feel Like You Are Just Inching Along? Change Your Perspective!

IMG_0591I took this picture while fooling around at the gym this week. Yep…that’s me.  But that isn’t the complete story.  I used to be a 2 hour at a clip daily gym rat, in the front of the room, hugging-the-mirrors, kind of girl! Neither the trainer nor the teacher, I was the girl who stood at the door of the class and welcomed people in. I knew the names of all the strangers even though they weren’t exactly my friends. I quickly memorized all the steps in every routine, taught them to my children in the kitchen while cooking dinner, even practiced them on my very public walks in the park (sometimes drawing a crowd…oh how I wish I were kidding!) My game was on point, I was cut, thick and fit! 😁

Then pain began. After every workout near excruciating pain in my groin lasted for days. Conventional Doctors couldn’t figure it out. Natural doctors struggled with remedies. The stretches that my trainer recommended did not do the trick. I changed my nutrition. Took hundreds of vitamins and herbs. I started walking instead of high-intensity workouts. But the pain persisted. After 4 surgeries and procedures and the wonderful complications that come along for fun, I am no longer the same person. Nowadays, riding a bike, a little elliptical and weights is where I can be found. That’s my new perspective. It’s slow but it’s going. Wishing doesn’t change that and neither does feeling sorry for myself. I had to adjust my gauge!

When it seems as if your progress is moving so slowly that you cannot notice the differences, it’s time to turn over how you look at it. If you do something today that you couldn’t/didn’t/wouldn’t do yesterday, that is progress!


My Fitness/Health Vision Board for 2017 is a LOT different than it used to be…But I’m still moving and I count that as progress!

Remember: Comparing your “now” self to your “very best past self”, will come often leave you felling way less than. But when you hit the mark of doing just a little bit more than what you did yesterday – that is when you tap on the shoulder of movement and tug on the skirt of success.

If you are struggling with a come back, and your progress is inching along, be willing to change your perspective. Rejoice in your regularity. Celebrate smaller successes. Hold a vision for different victories. Be compassionate in your climb. Most of all be present. Be grateful. Focus and take time. Slow is better than stopping.

Chatone Morrison ©2017

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