STORY TIME!! The “Get To Know Me” Tag – Blog #1

CBM looking up pic dallas

In the spirit of having a bit of fun and opening up, I have decided to do a series of “Getting to Know Me” blog posts.  As a wife, mom, mompreneur, writer, coach, and of course, the Princess of Positivity, I wear a lot of crowns…I mean hats!  I’m often so focused on uplifting others,  I forget that most of the people who visit my sites or read my material have never met me!  So here goes.  Look out for an accompanying video…there just might be one coming!

1.  Are you named after anyone?

I am!  When my dear mom was pregnant with me she met a lady named Chatone.  She fell in love with the name and told my dad.  He said if I was a boy she could name me Chatone.  If I had been a boy I would have been called, Aaron-David Richard-William Curley.  Talk about a mouthful.  Guess I could have still been the Prince of Positivity!  The strange thing is that I never liked my name.  No one can ever pronounce it and I am often called something very close to a curse word.  (grrrr)  My dream name as a child was Priscilla.    But alas, when I turned 14, just 2 years shy of the age my parents had agreed I could legally change my name, I fell in love with being the only person on the planet (at least it seemed) that had my name.  And since I felt so odd and unique it seemed apropos.  But then think of it… Priscilla, the Princess of Positivity.  Can’t you just hear the ring in that?!

2.  What’s the first thing you notice about people?

I notice eye contact and the facial expression.  When I encounter people, I always make eye contact and smile right away.  I want to see if I can get them to smile back.  It’s probably a bit corny.  But then again, positivity is my super power!  I am looking for the like-minded ALL THE TIME.  Warm eyes and kind faces get my attention.

3.  Do you have kids?

Yes!  Two kids, Katelin (15) and Levi (11).   I also lost a boy and girl to miscarriage and one that was too early to know.  Saddest time in my life I have to say…but it’s made me a stronger and more compassionate person.  Isn’t it amazing that our scars make us beautiful?

4.  Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Oh boy…sarcasm is not a great thing.  But the wit and quickness involved is something we simply cannot do without in our home. It’s so bad that when Levi was 3 years old he gave his first eye roll, head tilt and “oh pulease…”  Enough said!

5.  Scary movie or happy endings?

I hate like scary movies.  I’m that annoying person in an action movie that actually screams when the guns come out.  My blood pressure literally rises with suspense, and I cannot stand to be frightened!  Like when someone jumps out of a corner or is standing in a dark room…nope!  Not me.  Not my thing.  Hubby will be sat there enjoying it and I have a scarf blocking my eyes!

6.  Do you have any special talents?

Music is my thing.  I sing.  Play piano and flute.  And I love to dance.  If you pay me enough I can rap free style – I mean spoken word poetry…

7.  When was the last time you cried?

I cried really hard last weekend (7/29/17).  I was at a themed convention called, “Don’t Give Up!” in Tampa with my family.  There was a dramatization of a woman who lost her dad and how she coped with it by relying on God.  It felt so real!  Exactly how I felt when I lost my dad.  Even though it’s been almost 20 years (October 1997), I still miss him.  Full out ugly cry ensued.

8.  What is your favorite drink?  Animal?  Perfume?

OK seriously what a strange series of questions!  Drink would be fizzy Pellegrino with lime twist. Animal is Portuguese water dog.  Perfume is Belara Midnight by Mary Kay.

9.  What phone do you have?

Currently I am loving my iPhone 7+.  I was a super slow adopter of apple products.  Old school lover of a blackberry until my friends all laughed me into submission.  Now I am an Apple product robot.  Sorry, I’m not sorry!

10.  What was your favorite trip/vacation?

My hubby Mark is the “King of Travel” so we have had some great travels in currently 28+ years of marriage.  However, one of the very best trips we have taken, was for our 10th anniversary.  We went to the south of Spain.  It was a 5 day trip; hotel, air, food for $500 per person.  My brother-in-law saw a tiny add in the NY Times and we thought it might not even be a real offer.  We called, found out it was legit and started our planning.  I was super excited.  A month or so later we found out we were pregnant with our first baby.  Crazy!  Even more excited.  10th anniversary.  After only just trying to get pregnant for a short time – boom!   We were flying high and all was right in our happy world…until it wasn’t.  Imperfect life happened and on May 10, 1999, the same week we were supposed to travel, I miscarried our baby.  The devastation was real!  I never thought I would understand anything again, let alone laugh, have fun or have even an ounce of self-esteem or self-love.  We called the travel agent and told our story.  Without even asking for any proof from our doctor, and without insurance they allowed us to cancel, reschedule for a month after my surgery and honored the $500 price even though going in the month of June would have doubled the price.  

So why was this the best trip/vacation ever?  The endless days summer days when the sun set around 10pm, the blue waters of the Mediterranean sea, the pink mountains capped in snow all around, the warm loving friends we met, the tiny, smooth, multi-colored pebbles on the beach and the miracle of knowing only God could create an earth so perfectly beautiful, fostered my faith that I could feel good again.

FullSizeRender 9

“How agreeable is to feel the sea breeze playing upon one’s face. The heroine of this piece seems to have gone to the sea shore to feel this sensation that is so refreshing and restorative for her skin.”  Elisa Sculpture – Brisa 1999/5000

And by the time we came home I was on the road to healing.  

To commemorate that time in our lives and for my anniversary, Mark gave me “Breeze” a 5000 piece, limited edition Elisa sculpture.  Ironically we got number 1999 without even asking.  And until Katelin was finally born in 2002, Brisa, as she is known in Spanish, was my treasured daughter.  Now I have the real thing to accompany my doll.   Positivity really can be born during adversity.





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Looking Down and Looking Back – One Woman’s Perspective on Life After the Workplace

What did you focus on today? Was it the big important thing that is always right there and needs your attention? Or was it the small almost silent whisper that edged its way to you tapping for you to take notice. If it was the latter I hope you decided to #focusandtaketime. Because it is most often in the silence that the miracles appear.

I took this picture last week from my hotel in Dallas. I couldn’t help but think of all the nights I stayed away from my family and was submerged in work and activities based on someone else’s agenda. I loved my team. My work. I loved coaching and mentoring and teaching others to be excellent. Both at their jobs and and as people.

For many years while I did the corporate grind, Dallas was a second home. It was fast paced, exciting, my work seemed to matter and I strived to be really great at it. The view was from way up and everything looked good on the ground. The only problem was that the ground home, far away in New Jersey/Maryland, and I could not divide myself and be in two cities at once. The place I longed to be was with my hubby and my kids…that was the place that mattered. I was home plenty, but I was missing a lot too. It wasn’t the concert here or there or the shows. Every parent misses a couple. It was the little things that no one remembered to tell me. It was little everyday-mundane-seemingly-boring-too-unimportant-to-recount things. I’m still discovering things 5 years later.

It’s like watching a big city from high up. You don’t know what the sights and sounds are on the ground. When you see the movement of the highway and the people and the traffic, you imagine what it sounds like. And you can remain fairly neutral because it doesn’t seem like much. But sometimes there is laughter. And sometimes there is weeping. Other times there is confusion. And every now and then there is a bittersweet contentment. Sweet because you recognize the joy. Bitter because you are too high up to enjoy it.

No matter how much I love a city (and I treasure them) I prefer the whir of my family to the whir of a plane taking off. When you are a work at home mom or mompreneur, there is a delicious banter that will drive you both out of your head crazy and out of your heart happy. No win in the boardroom compares to my daughter, son, hubby and me, taking time to bond over the Bible at breakfast. Can you do it from a distance? Sure. While in between flights? Yes. Running to a conference call? Of course. But the best memories are built from blocks picked up by hand. Because the beat of a city should never drown out the beat of your “most important”.

The portfolio of my Mary Kay business, coaching, writing, and supporting my husband in his ASL interpreting business is keeping me from idly looking out of windows wishing I could hear “what’s going on down there?” Getting to be home to see, hear experience more is worth putting the suitcases away.

What about you? Are you a corporate warrior but wish you could be at home? Are you looking down and out from way high up but longing to be closer to the ground? There are ways to make a plan and start your exit. Let’s talk.

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It’s Spring…But What Season Are You In?


Here in Columbia, Maryland it’s Spring.  And although we have had a mixture of cool, rainy days with unseasonably warm days, it’s still Spring.  The trees are full, green and lovely.  Big, juicy flowers line the lawns in my neighborhood.  More animals than I care to count are visiting my backyard.  Mulch is being freshened up.  Folks are getting into the swing of running again, the bikers are getting their legs back and kids are playing outside.  Life is being lived full and out loud and pleasant.  Everything is getting renewed.  Spring is the renewal season.  It starts to seem easy to get started because things are blooming.  It’s a good time!

What about you?  What in your life is being renewed right now?  Are you starting to hear the click-clack of regularity in your fitness?  Your business?  Your relationships?  Are you writing a book and feeling amazing because the chapters seem to be rolling off your pen and onto the page?  Are you reaching your fitness and clean eating goals?  Ain’t it grand?  It is!  So what’s wrong?

What’s wrong is that you might still be in Winter.  In Winter we are not ready to spring.  It’s that simple.  Winter is for Wonder.  The wonder season where one explores, imagines, figures it out and finally pinpoints what next step to execute.  Incredibly encouraging if your goal is to actuate your success.  Incredibly discouraging if you end up comparing yourself to someone else’s success.

Stop it!!  It’s not Spring for you!  You are in the Wonder season and your personal Spring is coming once you stop comparing yourself to other people.



Imagine a snowflake comparing itself to a lily.  Both white.  Both unique.  Both on the ground.  Both beautiful.  And yet completely…COMPLETELY different.  And Not to be compared.

“But Chatone, I’m not where I want to be yet!  I’m tired of working so hard and not getting anywhere!”

How true is that?

If you have a fear of heights, but want to feel the exhilaration of going down the expert slope, you have to conquer the monorail.  You have go slowly up…there is no way to get down until you get up.  So go.  Slowly if that is what it takes.  Look around.  Wonder at the beauty of the mountain on the way up.  Then get ready to scream at the top of your lungs in joy on the way down!  Success is everywhere…you just have to change up your perspective.

If you want your “Positivity to Reign”, STOP comparing yourself to anyone else.  You cannot walk in their shoes, sing with their voice, dance with their hips, jump with their rope.  If Spring has not yet arrived at your house, look at the beauty of the snow.  Go skiing.  Go sledding. Go iceskating.  Embrace the season you are in!  Focus on what’s good and take time to enjoy it all.  Your Spring-into-Action is on it’s way!

CBM nyc may 2017

“Princess of Positivity” Enjoying a Quiet Moment in NYC

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Where Poetry Resides – Truth Is

quill pen pic

Poetry is positivity at the deepest and most soulful level.  The saddest phrases.  The angriest lines.  The bloodiest verse.  All these take the human spirit down to the core.  Down to the bone.  Down to the honesty.  And in the sphere of honesty is where the positivity always lies.  Write even the shortest poem and trust that where you need to be, and where you want to go will appear.  Almost magically.   It’s no longer about just the facts: where poetry resides – truth is. Continue reading

Actually, You Are Your H.A.I.R. After All!



Hair stands for how we often feel about ourselves as women.  What we see when we look in the mirror.  What others see when they look at us.  How many times have you changed your hair after a rough period, the end of a relationship, a move, a new job…and the list goes on!  Of course, even though I have an Independent Mary Kay biz and I love beauty and all things girly, this blog is not about hair – we truly are not our hair. But, H.A.I.R. does make a huge difference.  Here’s how.

H is for Health.  When you move and eat in a way that supports your health you feel good.  Happy.  Ready for more.  When you are stagnant, eating fake processed food, too much sugar, too much alcohol, you feel sluggish.  Tired.  Not up to your best.  Now everyone should “overdo” it every once in a while…after all life’s gotta have its crazy moments.  But how are you doing with your health overall?  Are you supporting it with your food choices?  With your movement?  If you have a health condition, are you keeping it in check?  If you do, even if your health isn’t 100%, you will have the peace of mind that you are doing all you can.  Living in positivity isn’t about perfection.   But it is about striking out at what we can do.  So in the infamous words of Nike – Just Do It!

A is for Attitude.  What’s your overall attitude?  Does it get an “A” or an “F”?  Are your grumpy? Easily annoyed?  Often irritated?   Your attitude affects everyone around you.  Most of all you!  When you are moving through life barely going through the motions everyone sees that.  When you have an overactive anger gland, take things way too personally, run toward defensiveness instead of openness or quickly become impatient, you ruin more than your co-workers or spouse’s day…you could be ruining your body.  Conversely, one Harvard Medical School journal stated the following: “Do you look forward to the next week? Do you feel younger than your age? Do you have a sense of purpose? If so, you may already have done something to reduce your risk of degenerative diseases and may even be adding years to your life.”  Changing up your attitude, is not as easy as changing your hair, but working at it could make a profound difference – Just Try It!

I is for Inspiration.  Inspiration is where the rubber meets the road.  Without it all your goals, bright ideas, thoughts and ambitions are mere fantasy.  Dreams are good – Actions are better.  So, how do you stay inspired?  One thing that is vital is to look at who you hang around.  If the top 3-5 people you are in association with drag you down, don’t understand where you are going “with all this”, think you are crazy for being outside the box, or feel you are “just too positive” (OK, yep…I get that one often) it might just be time to find another group.  Inspired people inspire people.  Period.  Uninspired people kill inspiration.  People, music, news, social media, family, workmates, reading material, all have a purpose.  Test it out.  Spend the next few days monitoring how you feel after certain activities or being with certain people.   If you feel less inspired or worse yet defensive of your uniqueness – Just Move On!

R is for Rules.  Rules are needed, and Rules are not needed.  Yes…both are true and this is not some strange math formula.  Bottom line is, if you live by rules that support your goals and growth, you are on the right track.  If not, it’s time to decide what to keep and what to tweak.  For example if you recently started down a healthy living path and that is now you new rule 80-90% of time, that means you have to drop some other rule.  Did you used to revel in late night  pints of Chunky Monkey washed down with Bailey’s?  That probably won’t fit very often into your new healthy living rules.  But since it’s worth it –  Just Tweak It!

Being able to redirect your bad HAIR days takes confidence.  It’s not always easy to figure out what to do!  Brush it back into a bun?  Wear it loose in a ponytail?  Wear a cap? Stick a wig on?  The answer is we do Whatever Works!  So make a plan to support your Health.  Change up your Attitude.  Reinspire your Inspiration.  Tweak your Rules.  Shake your H.A.I.R. loose and be free!

Chatone Morrison – 2/27/17

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