Where Poetry Resides – Truth Is

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Poetry is positivity at the deepest and most soulful level.  The saddest phrases.  The angriest lines.  The bloodiest verse.  All these take the human spirit down to the core.  Down to the bone.  Down to the honesty.  And in the sphere of honesty is where the positivity always lies.  Write even the shortest poem and trust that where you need to be, and where you want to go will appear.  Almost magically.   It’s no longer about just the facts: where poetry resides – truth is.

Last month was National Poetry Month.  In retrospect, I realize that it truly is of my favorite times of the year.  It is a time of open mics, spoken word, poetry slams, open talks, words and words and more words.  It is a time of freedom of expression.  Rhythms are everywhere.  The cadence of the street follows us if we pay attention.  Poetry is all around us.  Speaking to us in whispers, sharing the truth that we often would rather not hear.  But if we listen the truth will pop up.  And in the most negative truth, there is positivity.

On my YouTube channel, on an episode of the weekly series, The Sunday Corner, I highlighted “hidden gifts”.  (If you missed it, catch it here bit.ly/sunday47)  The challenge was to  challenged go after your gifts with a vengeance and share at least one with at least one person.  For me this included going on livestream (Periscope, Facebook Live, InstaLive) and sharing poetry. Although it’s not a hidden gift, I decided to share what I have previously thought too personal to share.  I went forth where poetry has always resided in me, truth came and fearlessly I decided to follow.  It was an energizing, joyful ride that I will long remember.  I had forgotten how good it is to be vulnerable.  It’s GOOD.

So often, as women we get stuck in the mundane, shallow, superficial and unimportant.  There may be facts – but no truth.  Poetry helps cut all of that down to reasonable size.  Here’s what that looks like.

Fact:  Your black pencil skirt didn’t zip this morning.  You “feel” ugly and possibly begin to recite hurtful speech you would never utter to another soul.

In those logical facts you likely spiral downward  and miss all the rest of what is important.  Look at the morning again.

Truth:  You are dressed. You were kind and loving as you made breakfast and lunch for your kids and got them to the bus.  You made it to the office in time to stop for a moment to chat with the security guard who you know by name.  She smiled.  Oh, and not to be missed, you will attack your day with incredible success as you always do, because you arrived not only on time, but prepared.

Poetry responds like this:

Children wake

Swing on soft arms and pillowed hips 

They are full on soft embraces, 

Fed mommy kisses and prayers

Two stories.  Facts and Truth.  Poetry exposes what is beneath an with that positivity gets to emerge.  Which thoughts would you rather live out all day?

What might stringing together a few phrases help you to say?  What is right beneath your surface that isn’t getting out?  You’d be surprised what a relief it is to simply write down a thought or two and get to the bottom of your negative thoughts so you can release them.

So next time you get bogged down with a bunch of negative thoughts…try writing even just one verse.   Just one…you can do it!  Poetry can help you to live authentically and that is the most important thing of all.

Chatone Morrison

© 5/5/2017

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One thought on “Where Poetry Resides – Truth Is

  1. So inspiring. I love poetry. Love how much I can learn about the poet as he/she expresses her feelings into words playfully. I really need to work on self-expression. Poetry helps in that area.
    Thanks and more thanks for your encouragement.


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