Nothing Compares To You

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When is the last time you felt that nothing compared to you?  You know that feeling when you are “sitting pretty” without even trying?  When you are in the midst of the best you, doing the things that make you feel great from the inside out?  If it has been a while, this blog is just for you.  If you can’t remember when,  you may have fallen victim to someone else’s hype. If you can’t remember,  it’s  been way too long.  

Guess what?   Contrary  to popular belief…nothing compares to you.   It wouldn’t sting so badly if this statement weren’t true.  But it is true.  Your specialness precedes you, even when you don’t see it.

Why You Don’t See It

You don’t see where you don’t look.  As women we are oftentimes looking for the good in everyone around us.  It becomes our singular job to uplift, empower, encourage and nurture.  The family, the job, the school, where we volunteer, all get our best.  They may or may not give us compensatory thanks.  We are literally living our specialness and giving it away simultaneously, so much so that we personally miss it altogether.  Search.  Look deeper.  It’s still there.

You Have A Distorted Mirrorbubble reflection sebastian-pichler-20071

Your standards of  “best you” are not quite right.  you using to compare your Have you ever looked in a old,  cloudy or cracked mirror?  How did you look?  Even if you could make out all your features, would you trust that mirror to put on your makeup?  Do your hair for an evening out?  Dress yourself?  What might the chances be for you to make an error in judgement and totally miss it?  Fairly high, right?  

How often are your standards set by you instead of strangers?   When an important path is set by someone who doesn’t know how unique and lovely you are, you will never feel that you measure up.  Period.  Take a look at your mirror.  If it can be cleaned up, do it.  If it needs replacing, throw it away and start again.

La, La, La…I Can’t Hear You!

Sound like a child you know?  This is a fan favorite with small children.  They tune out cellphone-andrik-langfield-petrides-348253what they don’t want to hear.  Have you taken on this childlike behavior?  Is it wrecking havoc on your self-esteem and confidence?  You can get so busy hearing what people you don’t know are whispering to you that you don’t hear what those who know and love you are screaming.  This social media monster is in a constant chase for our hearts.  It’s a necessary evil that can replace the human interaction in our lives if we let it.  Next stop?  No longer listening to important people who know you, love you, understand where you have been and where you are going.  Hand over ears and eyes, you make others out to be wrong; no longer believing the truth.  It’s gradual and insidious and happens way too often! It’s annoying when kids do it.  (Newsflash:  It’s annoying when adults do it too!)

What Can You Do?

  1. If you nurture others; nurture yourself too.  Give away some of your best self, and keep some for yourself.  It’s easier said than done, so practice is needed.  
  2. Take a good look at your mirror.  If the standards you are working with no longer fit you make a change.  Evolve them. Remove them.  You will not stay the same woman, especially as you gain more life experience (age/wisdom, etc).  Expect the metamorphosis and accept it for what it is . . . Something Wonderful. 
  3. Unless you are a very tall, feathery and fast bird running on the plain, you can no longer use ostrich-like habits to excuse away who you are.  Rejecting reality does not change it.  When others acknowledge you, it is a blessing.  Develop your listening and appreciation skills.  Very few people have the desire to flatter you for no reason.  Listen.  You just might hear something great.

The late artist Prince said it best:  Nothing compares to you.   However, if you don’t allow yourself to go to your own party, the party will go on without you.  Since it’s being thrown in your honor, you might as well enjoy it.  

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