Are You Setting Your Fire With Wet Wood?


Do you have an autumn ritual?  Something that automatically makes your mind turn to red and gold leaves and the shedding of trees?  For our family that means camping.  Although  we won’t be able to fit it into our October schedule, we will no doubt spend time on our patio, enjoying a crisp, dusky evening, making s’mores around the fire pit, telling stories, watching the release of the beautiful, glowing energy.

Speaking of stories, which ones have you been telling yourself lately?  What renewal are you in the process of experiencing?  As I mentioned the other day in a blog post here, this time of year has become the new starting point for so many folks.  Autumn truly is the “New Black”.  For me, it’s all about writing more, meeting new people in both my coaching and Mary Kay business, and working a revised, more robust schedule for my Deaf ministry.   bulb idea riccardo-annandale-140624

Each of us has the unique privilege of having a dream, an idea, a mission, some specialness that we want to bring to fruition.  To do it well, you need to ignite a “fire” in your spirit to make it happen.  And no matter how excited you might be about your big idea, without the elements of fire behind you to make it happen, well it won’t happen.

Setting fire to your idea, your dream without the strength of the right elements is like setting a fire with wet wood.  It will smolder and smoke, but never get to a full burn.  The right stuff is missing; the dampness is killing the energy!   But how can you know what the right stuff is, and how do you get it?

In many ways it’s simple.  It’s all about strength.  The cool thing about this strength is that you can adopt it.  Grow it.  Develop it.  Evolve into it.  It’s not about pushing or prodding.  It’s about asking the right timothy-meinberg-206976

My specialty is about helping women ask the right questions of themselves so they can learn how to release negativity, let positivity reign, and set a fire within to get things moving in the right direction.  Is that your journey?  Are you ready to start?  Be sure to check out this past week’s Sunday Corner™ video.  You can get so much done when you turn up your flame!

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