Getting There Without Getting Stuck

When is the last time you got Stuck?  It’s a yucky feeling, right?  Trust me, I’ve been there!  There are many reasons for getting Stuck.  Unfortunately it’s a real place.   An actual location on the map, and for one reason or another, our internal GPS thinks Stuck is true North.  There are no road signs or mile markers showing that you are approaching “Stucksville” (borrowed from my Daddy, the late, great Linwood Curley.)  It’s hidden between the crevices of our busy-ness, uncertainty and confusion.  Stuck is where we end up getting, when “There” is elusive.  So where is “There”? 

  1. Where do you want to go?  You have to set your destination with intention, if you want to avoid getting get Stuck.  Is it a promotion at work?  A new level in your MLM business?  Is it a different dress size or a completed marathon?  Are you after a more peaceful relationship with your teenage son or middle school daughter?  Would you like to write a book or start a blog or create a painting?  Does getting along with your elderly mom resonate with you?  Or do you see yourself getting your financial future in order?  Where are you wanting to go?  The destination is not the point.  You get permission to set that.  So take a few days and set a goal to where you want to be.  Because where is never the issue.  It’s in the why and how that Stuck takes over.
  2. Why is this important?  Why is always a toughie.  Why questions you and wants to know right away.  Why shows you absolutely no mercy.  and when you cannot figure out your Why in any and every given situation, Stuck is sure to ensue.  Why?  (See, I’m not even kidding on this!)  Because without the answer of Why there is no drive.  No motive.  No fire.  No energy.  And absolutely No Positivity.  It’s as if a “No Trespassing” sign were nailed over the destination to your goal.  Even if you attempt to tread lightly in the direction of your goal, without the answer to Why…you will very likely call the cops on your very own self.  You won’t believe you belong there, so you arrest yourself.  Yep, it’s not a pretty sight.  Imagine you holding yourself with your hands behind your back…Miranda rights being read…head bowed as you get in the police car and get dragged further and further away from your dreams.  Just figure this one out and you will spare yourself this dramatic scene.  Now all you have to think about is How – and that is the easiest one of all!
  3. How are you getting there?  OK, so I was teasing just a bit.  How has its challenges but nothing like Why.  How is challenging simply because there are so many different ways to do what you want.  And if you have already struggled with Why, chances are the How you will reach your destination without getting Stuck is going to take time.  The funny thing is, no matter what the sense of urgency is, time is never really an issue.  In this day and time we are beings that rush.  We are working to cram as much life in as we can.  Period.  So the best scenario is to take the needed time (not too much time, lest Stuck make an ugly appearance) and make the best decisions you can.  Want to lose weight?  How does it make you feel to work alone?  Would a food or health coach make sense?  Do you like groups?  How do you feel about the gym?  Would you prefer to run on the street or the treadmill?  How do you feel about trainers?  Get what I’m saying?  Each of these choices will most likely get you to your destination.  Taking the time to determine in positivity how you will get there, is a cornerstone to  arriving with minimal detours, roadblock, u-turns and avoiding “Stucksville”.  

What NOT To Do

  1. Get overly busy.  
  2. Belittle yourself.
  3. Forget to sew into self-worth.  
  4. Take action without thought or based on someone else’s agenda.

What TO Do

  1. Program your GPS Where you want to go according to your highest intentions.
  2. Discover your Why.  
  3. Examine How you want to get there.
  4. Pick only one mode of transportation at a time.

Along your many journeys and adventures this year, don’t visit Stucksville.  Instead grab your most colorful push-pins and put them into the Destination of your Dreams and enjoy the ride!

Chatone Morrison – 2/13/17



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When it Clicks!

You know that moment when it just clicks?  Like a seatbelt you had a hard time finding?  It’s dark and you know you need it but you simply can’t find it?  You know that feeling right?  Suddenly you feel as the slot is found and the entry point is slowly going in and voila!  It clicks!  There is happiness in the realm…There is joy in the Kingdom.  Well that is what I am all about.

My name is Chatone Morrison.  I am a certified Life Coach.  I am an Independent Mary Kay business owner.  I am a joint-owner in Diversified Sign Language Services with my life partner and amazing husband Mark.  I am a wife.  I am a mom.  And I absolutely am committed to serving God.  In all of that I bring to the table something that clicks.  It simply does.

Want to know what it is?

I understand how to get and keep positive energy.  I am known as the Princess of Positivity® because I can find a positive spin on just about anything.  I love to marry coaching and Mary Kay because it allows me to build inner and outer beauty in women.  Strong women who understand and are unapologetic about their worth have better marriages.  Build stronger daughters and sons.  Are amazing in their intimate relationship circles, communities, companies and world.  And most of all they are happier.  Even more, they reside in joy, which is unaffected by their circumstances.  What could be better than that?

Join me here in the celebration of all things positive energy.  I will blog about strategies to help you remain in joy.  I will share tips on how you can do this even when life throws curve balls and challenges in the areas of; money, health, relationship, family, corporate work, network marketing, and of course all things related to self-esteem and self-worth.

No stuffy theory here!  I will bring my A-game, as my mentor says.  I will bring my authenticity, my brilliance, and my passion for being a catalyst.  We can all show up at our best even when we have to reset that.  There is always a click, and even though it’s such a small thing – once you hear it – there is a bit of elation.  There is a sense of relief.  When you can find the positive, not just icing but truly go super deep, super quick…the special will happen.

I am on the journey with you.  The partnership will be amazing simply because we Click!

Chatone Morrison – 11/12/16